What is the difference between a mathematician, a philosopher and an environmental consultant? Mike Ewall continues to dissect the documentary Planet of the Humans with Matt and Sara. The film places most of the burden in the hands of the individual.

Is this documentary simply a new media narrative offering? Does it leave you wondering if this is by design? Are population control and veganism the most practical solutions?

Where do the media, facts, and humans fall in this 21st century fight to save our planet from complete destruction? These merit continuous discussions considering energy and environmental justice have been major concerns for over 50 years. Mike discusses the history of decades of action to help identify where the pitfalls have taken place.

Mike Ewall, founder and executive director of Energy Justice Network, has published a written critique of this film.

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Here is the link to Part 1 – Planet of the Humans: A Critique by Matt Ewall of Energy Justice Network

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